Cooperative Coliving

empowering the coliving movement
through collective platforms

What we're doing

We're an association of coliving spaces working together to serve our members and customers better through our collective knowledge and platforms.

We support spaces across the movement, be they commercial, lifestyle, or indeed cooperative or grass-roots communities. As operators we can work together to better define and position ourselves in the market, whilst enacting solutions that help us to improve our communities and businesses. Our current endeavours:

  1. Coliving.Community — a platform through which operators may label spaces by declaring its core values (such as sustainability, diversity, intentionality, …), and therefore better position and set expectations within the market. In future this platform could be utilised to enable additional outreach functionality.
  2. Co-ownership model — enabling resilient grass-roots spaces as social enterprises, through crowdfunding as users, using debt (mortgages), and/or with investors. We'll be publishing model rules for fractional-ownership coliving spaces to operate as multi-stakeholder co-operatives, and will be a sponsoring organisation through the FCA in the UK to aid with the registration of co-operative societies for this purpose. Please check back soon for details of our model, or reach out to:

We see great potential in working together to create solutions that enable us to cooperatively provide for our mutual needs, efficiently and affordably through collective action, these could include some of the following—if you're interested in participating simply drop us a line.

Working groups

We will host and facilitate organisational investigation and solution development through ad-hoc working groups. Simply let us know a subject or need, if you would be willing to lead or sponsor it, and we'll then coordinate with others to establish a group—providing there is common interest. Once suitable milestones are reached, results can be published and any projects defined in them may be initiated accordingly.

About us

We're passionate about the potential coliving has as a model for a purposeful and well intentioned future, and we're especially interested in pushing the boundaries of this to support more projects and better lives through them!

How did this happen? Jacob founded perhaps the first open access coliving and coworking space running experimentally from 2010 for a few years, more recently envisaging a multi-stakeholder model of co-ownership. Upon crossing paths with River, whom set out to create a space having community with measured impact at its core, we realised that the impetus drawn from our projects have parallels. So here we are building a framework, through this association to facilitate so much more. Join us!

Our founding members and sponsors


The wider movements

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