Cooperative Coliving

Join the movement!

📣 Hello! This is just conceptual… We're probably not accepting associate members directly under the co-op, instead we're looking at establishing a more inclusive badge than can align any coliving space, using its own values so as to better set positioning and expectations for its customers and members. Feel free to drop us a line.

We're bringing together spaces having differing approaches to purposeful living, whether just for workations or long-term. Together we can grow the movement, become more resilient, and support each other's businesses with diverse, impactful offerings.

By joining the movement and enacting our principles, you can identify yourselves with our Cooperative Coliving Supporter label, communicating to your visitors and members that you make and stand by your commitments to community.

Membership is free but comes with a responsibility to keep all your stakeholders and ourselves informed of your impacts. Note that use of our generic logo is reserved for model members. Participation in programmes and working groups does not require membership.

The values we promote

diversity🎨  dynamism⚡️  diligence🖇

The principles we enact

  1. 👩‍💻Dedicated workspace
    • you must commit a dedicated room or quiet area with desks (not dining tables)
    • some of your community should already work from, or at least be based at home, it's no good inviting new connections if nobody's going to be home!
    • supports all values; connecting local and visiting professionals, sparking collaboration across expertise
  2. ❣️Impact or residency programme
    • you must A. commit some capacity (can be a shared room) to a residency programme that is free or low-cost (e.g. for artists, the underprivileged, or any group of your choosing); this may simply be free accommodation for volunteers if they also receive training, a stipend, and WorkAway rules are followed
    • and/or B. allocate a sum of your profits or community fund to an impact programme that has effect in the wider community (e.g. your neighbouring community, or any group that is not your market)
    • you must state on your website the existence of your programme, its capacity (e.g. 3 volunteers, or 2 months) and/or funding mechanism (e.g. 10% of profits)
    • you must publish reports giving an overview of your programme's commitment, use and effects, or for residencies promote those placements and their work on social media stating your support of them under your commitment
    • supports all values; opening up cross-disciplinary opportunities and experiences, enhancing life for all
  3. 🧩Shorter duration stays
    • if you usually only provide long-term stays
    • you must commit to hosting some shorter stay non-member bookings, at least the greater of 15% of room capacity, or 3 beds/pods in shared rooms
    • for this capacity you should permit bookings for a minimum stay not surpassing 2 weeks, up to a maximum of 2 months (i.e. any stay of 2–8 weeks must be permitted, but may use allotted date segments)
    • supports all values; creating a flux of exchanges and opportunities, between a more static community and a more dynamic one, expanding operations to include a wider offering
    • diversifies your revenue, contributing to impact, by being able to charge a higher rate for these stays
  4. 🤝Community influence
    • you must commit to engaging with your community and giving them decision making in day-to-day rules within the space
    • you must enable your community to participate in the decision-making or selection process for your impact programme or residency allocations (not required if only volunteers)
    • decisions must be recorded and published for members, including management vetoes when applicable
    • supports the diligence value; placing responsibility upon members to make effective choices for all
  5. 👷‍♀️Peer accountability
    • your commitments and participation are amongst the likeminded in the sector, we support and answer to all amongst us in staying on this path
    • we will endorse Cooperative Coliving spaces, for as long as you respect and demonstrate impact to the members of The Coliving Co-op, and shall review our progress together
    • you should participate in our working groups to share your experiences and knowledge, in growing the movement for mutual benefit
    • supports the diligence value; placing responsibility upon the entire organisation to collaborate within the wider movement

…and beyond?

Implementing our simple values through these principles, simultaneously enacts many of the co-op principles, however we leave them up to your team or community's own creativity to communicate if you so desire—and to go beyond in pursuit of your community's own ideals!

For guidance on implementing wider values see Conscious Coliving, and should you wish to fully enact cooperative principles we suggest having a look at our model of co-ownership.

Ready to join us!?

Evaluate your potential commitment from the perspective of both your existing members, and your potential new visitors. You might have a minimal or even no-cost impact programme, and that's great providing it has impact of some kind that you will be able to tell a story about, and enrich the lives of those involved. 🤩

Don't worry if you're not sure you can qualify, we'd love to hear how you believe you could enact our values in other ways, and maybe we can help you with ideas.

Please introduce yourself by email, or book a video chat with River Ferdinandy our membership coordinator.